The Borzoi Showcase is available to members of the Borzoi Club of New England who wish to showcase their Borzoi. Two layout formats, each being a full page, are available. One is the Borzoi Yearbook format that provides a photo, basic information and a three-generation pedigree. The other is a special design format similar to the Borzoi Connection ad pages that provides more flexibility for content and design. Each page will provide a clickable link to the club member's web site if desired.

Payment received for pages posted before July 1st will will apply to the current year. Payment for pages posted after July 1st will be good through the following year.

Submissions with payment received before the first of a month will be posted by the first of the following month. Payments for yearly renewal must be received by the 15th of December or the page will be dropped at year end. Late payment or reposting fee is modest and reposting payment applies to the current year without pro-rating. Minor changes in a page will be made for a modest fee. Submissions and payments are to be sent to the club Secretary.

Fee Schedule
Yearbook format Special design format
Initial page set-up and posting $25 $40
Yearly renewal fee $10 $10
Minor changes, late fee, or reposting $10 $10

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