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The Borzoi Club of New England
Porcelain Shoppe

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To Order:
call 508-672-0564

Charger/Service Plate
The perfect compliment beneath your dinner plates. 13 inches wide, it can also serve as a round serving platter.
Price: $90 each
or $85 each for 4 or more
(plus shipping)

Candle sticks
8 1/2 inches tall, the perfect accent piece for any dinner table
Price: $75 per pair
(plus shipping)

Large Serving Bowl
3 inches deep, 12 3/4 inches wide.
Anything served in this bowl looks extra special.
Price: $65
(plus shipping)

Also available
16 inch Serving Platter
Price: $85
(plus shipping)

Footed Fruit Bowl
10 inches high, a wonderful centerpiece, imagine it filled with fruit or dog biscuits!
Price: $78
(plus shipping)

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