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The Borzoi Club of New England
Porcelain Shoppe

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To Order:
call 508-672-0564

(Close up of Coffee Pot design in gold)

Borzoi Lovers Delight

The Club proudly presents its custom-designed porcelain dinner ware, both practical and beautiful enough to please any Borzoi fancier or collector.

These pieces are carefully imported from Bavaria, known for their high quality porcelain pieces. The designs are handapplied, then hand color- washedby the artist, Linda Freeman, at her studios in Massachusetts. Linda also applies all the gold trim to the serving pieces painstakingly by hand, before she fires them in her kiln. These pieces make fine table settings for any formal or semi-formal dinners, enjoyed by Borzoi fanciers or friends - all seem to love the beautiful, flowing design. Or, they make striking display items for a china cabinet or mantel shelf.
Many Fine Pieces Available

We have pictured many pieces in our catalog, but other items are available such as the tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl. Just tell us what you would like and we will respond with availability and price.The prices published in our catalog are subject to change, and all sales are prepaid and final. Orders over $150 are professionally packed and shipped. Shipping costs include insurance. Prices in US funds.

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