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BCNE Membership Application
I hereby make application for membership in the Borzoi Club of New England and thereby pledge to accept and abide by the CODE OF ETHICS of the Borzoi Club of New England as follows:
  • To promote the breeding of purebred Borzoi according to the Standard as set forth by the American Kennel Club.
  • To strive constantly for preservation of the breed quality.
  • To breed only when time, facilities, and financial circumstances warrant and to hold the well being of my Borzoi above financial gain.
  • To maintain a clean, orderly kennel with all stock sold to be in healthy condition with adequate protection against disease.
  • To support ethical trade practices and sell only to responsible persons.
  • To have a sense of personal obligation to each customer for honesty and fair dealing.
  • To abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Borzoi Club of New England, the Borzoi Club of America, Inc. and the American Kennel Club.
  • To keep an accurate account of records, registration papers and pedigrees.
  • To perform in a sportsmanlike manner at all times and promote good will among members.
  • To follow the GUIDELINES FOR BREEDING OF BORZOI of the Borzoi Club of America in my various endeavors.
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Date: _______________________________
Name(s): _______________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________
City/State/Zip: _______________________________
Telephone: _______________________________
E-mail Address: _______________________________
Age(s) (if under 21): _______________________________
Occupation(s) _______________________________
Sponsor #1 _______________________________
Sponsor #2 _______________________________
Are you currently in good standing with the AKC?
__Yes __No
If you are a member of a local all-breed, obedience, specialty or national breed club, are you currently in good standing with that organization?
__Yes __No
Have your privileges ever been suspended by AKC?
__Yes __No
If yes, please explain:
How long have you owned Borzoi?
I/We currently own, or have owned the following other breeds:
Number of Borzoi currently owned:
I/We are active in or interested in:
__Lure Coursing
__Open Field Coursing
I/We use the following Kennel Name:
If you have any interest in volunteering to work for the BCNE in any area, please use the space below or an additional sheet to tell us about your area(s) of interest, skills, or talents you might be willing to volunteer.

Membership Fees:
Individual Annual Dues $35
Family Annual Dues $40
Junior Annual Dues $10

BCNE Membership Committee
Karen Miller, Secretary
PO Box 326
Lunenburg MA 01462
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